Montessori Sensory Cloth Book Baby Toys 0-36 Months Newborn Crib Baby Book Black White Colorful Animal Cloth Books Baby Gifts


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  • Recommend Age: 0-3y,3-6y
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: none
  • Ability Training: Visual, intellectual development, hands-on brain
  • Features: Cloth book
  • Applicable age: 0-3 years old
  • Material: Polyester Fiber/feeding Cotton
  • Type 1: Book toys
  • Type 2: Baby Cloth Book
  • Type 3: Educational cloth book
  • Type 4: Toys for baby 0 to 12 months
  • Type 5: Baby book
  • Type 6: Baby gifts newborn
  • Type 7: Baby crib
  • Type 8: Education book
  • Type 9: newborn babies 0 to 3 months
  • Type 10: Baby toys 0 6 months
  • Type 11: Sensory books for babies
  • Type 12: Black and white baby toys
  • Type 13: Black and white baby book
  • Type 14: Baby toys
  • Type 15: Baby sensory book
  • Type 16: Baby book

Material: Cloth and Nontoxic Fabric
Color: As picture show
Name: black white and color series bed cloth book

1.Black and white outlines can attract the baby’s attention, stimulate the baby’s visual awareness of objects, and promote the rapid development of the baby’s visual nervous system and brain.
2.The lanyards at the four corners of the cloth book are also convenient for you to tie on the bed, stroller or seat, so that your baby can watch the animals and plants on the cloth book while lying down or sitting, and exercise his eyesight.
3.Made of cloth,non-toxic, and harmless.The cloth book is durable, and not easy to be torn up .
4.The cloth book can be washed by hand
5.The color of the book is soft, can protects baby’s eyes.

Visual Impact Suitable for Newborns Baby – Interesting Montessori Sensory Interactive Newborn Toys.The most suitable baby toy for newborns at the moment is a sensory toy that emphasizes black and white high contrast. Our newborn toys adds a little bright color to the high contrast of black and white, so that your babies can still use after one year old.The rich double-sided pattern design helps your baby’s Early visual development can also entertain the baby’s mood and help the baby improve his cognitive ability.

Baby’s First Book- Our black and white baby toy set has a very wide range of applications,our infant toys have a wealth of early education content,including animals,food,geometric figures, transportation, help the baby perceive the world through the eyes,hands, ears and other senses,our baby book can practice eye tracking, exercise the baby’s fine movements such as grasping,holding,kneading,pinching,etc.

Baby Sensory Interactive Crinkle Toys for Newborn – Each of three piece toy sets comes with a different sounding toy, one has a BB device that can be pressed to make a sound. One shakes to make a crisp bell sound, suitable for hanging on a stroller or car. The last one Let the baby grasp it, it will make a paper-like sound to attract the baby, and there is a teether attached to it, which can exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination and grasping ability.

Meet The Visual Needs of The Newborn-The high contrast cards for baby focuses on helping baby develop their vision function and helping them grow up healthily. A perfect gift in baby shower and birthday,the baby’s sensory development ,0-3 months, the color of black, white and red can stimulate . 3-6 months, train the baby to connect the information of different sensory channels. 6-12 months, learn to turn pages, exercise baby’s hand-eye-ear coordination ability. 12-18 months,improve baby’s cognition,see pictures and speak ability.



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