Baby Montessori Toys Visual Stimulation Card Black and White High Contrast Flash Cards Learning Educational Toys for Baby Gifts


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  • Theme: Animals & Nature,Transportation,Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Recommend Age: 0-3y
  • Type 1: Black and White High Contrast Baby Toys
  • Type 2: Montessori toys
  • Type 3: Baby toys
  • Type 4: Flash Cards Newborn Toys
  • Type 5: Baby montessori toys
  • Type 6: Visual Stimulation Cards
  • Type 7: Baby Visual Stimulation Card
  • Type 8: Education & Teaching
  • Type 9: Learning Card
  • Type 10: Brain Development
  • Type 11: Early learning
  • Type 12: Children toys
  • Type 13: Kids educational toys
  • Type 14: Baby toys 0 12 months
  • Type 15: Black and white baby cards
  • Type 16: Toys for kids
  • Type 17: Newborn Gifts

Between the ages of 0 and 3 is the golden age for baby brain development.Activate the baby’s visual nervous system through black and white card and color card Promoting whole brain development and matching light and shade,Perception of graphics.Improve observation, curiosity, and the ability to explore .It’s great for your baby’s vision development and brain development!
Harmless to health

name: Visual excitation card
Round :diameter 13.8cm   a volume of 18 sheets, 36 sides
14cm*14cm    a volume of 16 sheets, 32 sides
Material: double – sided submembrane waterproof and non – reflective


0-3 Months Black and white vision period, only black and white vision, in the fuzzy period of plane vision.
Put the card 20~30 cm away from the baby’s glasses, and switch the card after a few seconds.

3-6 MonthsRed sensitive period ,can feel the shape and color of objects Can see the difference between distance and near.
The card is placed in front of the baby, from left to right or from right to left, move the card slowly, and exercise the baby to follow.

6-12Months Color vision period,gradually can feel the distance, height, left and right of the object in three-dimensional scene.
Parent-child interaction, explain to the baby while watching.

12-24Months Stereoscopic period,a stage of rapid development of visual observation and cognitive abilities, with a certain resolution.
Train your baby to listen to the name finger objects and recognize the patterns on the cards

【Newborn Toys 0-3 Months Brain Development】 The world of newborn babies is blurred, and they gradually recognize black and white and color in the process of growth. Using black and white baby cards and color cards can stimulate the baby’s visual development stage by stage, and promote the development of nerves and brain. Suitable as high contrast baby toys for newborn.

【Baby Sensory Toys in Different Stage】4 set of baby flash cards can meet different needs of baby’s growth stages. Infant toys 0-3 Months with black&white card to exercise baby’s visual nerve. 4-6 Months use cards with dots, lines and red as tummy time toys to enhance the ability of identifying color. Graphics with contrasting color cards can easily attract baby’s attention in 6-12 Months. Flashcards with 3D graphics is good to enhance spatial visual awareness in 12-36 Months.

【Baby Toys 0-6 Months】0-36 months is an important stage of early education for babies.The visual stimulation of high contrast black white cards, as baby books 0-6 months, can stimulate baby’s curiosity to explore the world around them. The colorful cards help parents to guide their babies to recognize the colors and objects around them. As montessori toys for babies 0-6 months, educational flash cards is benificial to improve the baby’s cognitive ability and memory.

【Safe and Reliable Material】The baby flash card set is made of odorless and non-toxic material,BPA free. The double-sided matte film design is anti-reflective, anti-glare,effective against water and milk stains, which can protects baby’s eyesight,durable for longer use. The thick board in the middle makes the card more textured, tear-resistant, and not easily deformed. Each set of cards with separate package for sorting, which will be portable and a good car seat toys for babies 0-6 months.

【Perfect Newborn Baby Gift】Black white and color flash cards set would be an ideal first gift for the baby. The sensory toys for babies 0-6 months will create warm and fun parent-child time between you and your little one. If you have any questions about this baby toy, please feel free to contact us, we will answer it as soon as possible!


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